Clad in an 11-storey road map of Bogotá cut from black laminated steel, the hotel debut of young entrepreneurs Juan Felipe Cruz and Tomas Beltran is the city’s first shot at an urban resort that truly breaks ranks with Colombia’s painfully corporate hotel scene. The hands-on duo hired award-winning architect Felipe Mesa of Plan B Arquitectos and another ten design houses to build the most playful place to sleep (or not) in Colombia’s high-octane capital. They combined Scandinavian interiors (that include seating by Hay and Bo Concept) with 500 sq m of vertical gardens at ground level, two 6m displays for art installations and bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Adding to the mix, Felipe Rodriguez and Mariana Vieira - the duo behind Bogotá’s standout bars El Coq and El Bandido - installed an LA-style burger joint on the roof. Inside, chef Juan Felipe Camacho (who earned his stripes in San Sebastian at restaurants with nine Michelin stars between them) has developed a Basque-inspired menu appealing to the young crowd of Click-Clackers.