There's no shortage of places to eat in Hong Kong, but a clutch of new restaurants with interiors as distinctive as their culinary offerings is on the rise and leading the pack is a sleek new eatery named after New York's first Chinese convenience store, Mott 32. Housed in the basement of a former bank, the restaurant offers five private dining rooms, with interiors by local designer Joyce Wang, who has created a blend of industrial New York with classic Chinese décor, featuring an inspired collection of 'forgotten' heirlooms, Colonial-style furnishings and antique Chinese propaganda. The menu is refreshingly fuss-free and rustic with an array of dishes such as Korobuta pork, crab and caviar Shanghaiese soup dumplings and green tea-coated chocolate mousse for dessert. We recommend the Beijing-style roasted duck; thanks to a bespoke air-drying duck fridge and oven, Mott 32 serves up the crispiest skin this side of the Yangtze.