Artful lodger: Capella group opens an Ubud resort designed by Bill Bensley

Sketch of a suspension bridge and brass monkey statue at Capella Ubud
The resort has 21 suspension bridges, each spanning 120m, that link the tented retreats, pool decks and public spaces. There are 47 brass monkey statues throughout the camp
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Among Bali-philes, Ubud has long been a by-word for lush thickets of emerald jungle, reclusive artists and an indelible sense of exotic escapism. Though the main Ubud drag is, these days, choked with traffic and unbridled urban development, the interiors still evoke a halcyon nostalgia, a quality exploited in spades by the Capella.

Comprising 22 one-bedroom tents and a two-bedroom lodge in Keliki Village, the resort is the work of the prolific Bill Bensley, the Bangkok- and Bali-based architect taking care not to disturb any extant trees in the building forest and letting the setting of rainforest, paddy fields and the tumbling Wos River dominate the tableau. The creature comforts though are thoroughly Millennial amid a moodboard of timber floorboards, copper bathtubs, outdoor deck showers, and carved folding doors.

Each tent features saltwater Jacuzzi pools, while public facilities include a 30m pool, jungle boot-camps, and a spa menu that includes sound healing and medicinal culinary treats. 

Sketch of a hand-hammered copper bathtub at Capella Ubud

100: the number of man-hours it took to make each of the hand-hammered copper bathtubs that feature in the Capella Ubud’s tented retreats

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Jalan Raya Dalem Desa Keliki
Kecamatan Tegalalang


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