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Tucked down a cobblestone alleyway in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, PS40 is a small but perfectly formed cocktail bar that boasts its own soda production set up. Having spent 2015 road testing their product across Sydney’s best restaurants and bars, two beverage-mad ex-bar managers, Thor Bergquist and Michael Chiemm, alongside RCA-trained designer Livia Lima, opened the doors to PS40, swiftly followed by the launch of their own line of hand crafted PS sodas.

The 60-seater bar, housed in a warehouse-like space with five-metre-high ceilings, concrete walls and huge open windows, has the appearance of a white room that has been dipped in black paint. ‘I used black and white contrast to highlight the heritage beauty of the building,’ says Lima, who serves as Creative Director. ‘We worked with our amazingly skilled friends to make everything ourselves. Seamus Heidenreich from Sea Studio built all the tables, seats, lights and shelves and taught us how to cast plates, bowls and cups, and Nadeem Fairley wielded all of our bar stools.’

Free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, the PS sodas are made, bottled and poured in-house while also being distributed to restaurants and bars across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. A core range of flavours made from local and indigenous produce - including Blackstrap Ginger, Grapefruit Gentian, Wattle Cola, Bush Tonic and Smoked Lemonade - are complemented by seasonal ingredients, starting with PS Zombie, which draws influences from the classic tiki cocktail.

Built all the tables, seats, lights and shelves

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Interior designing for bars

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Black designing for bar interiors

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