Wine tasting is one thing, but sipping a first growth Malbec while wandering through a sprawling 320 acre vineyard and resort in the shadow of the Andes Mountains is quite another. Located 1,200 feet above sea level, along Argentina’s famed Mendoza wine route, the property, designed by Buenos Aires-based firm Alberto Tonconogy & Associates takes full advantage of the setting. Inside, is a calm palette of shag rugs and timber panels, while deeply set bay windows, offer views of the spectacular landscape mountain, organic kitchen garden, lake and vineyards that stretch almost to the edge of the Andes. Coming soon will be a series of standalone one and two-storey solar heated bungalows as well as a spa with a cedar-lined sauna and a treatment menu based on grapes and hydrotherapy. In the mean time, though, pop up to the grassed rooftop, which doubles as an open-air terrace for stargazing.