Fifí Almacén — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fifí Almacén restaurants
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The latest addition to the vibrant neighbourhood of Palermo Viejo, in Argentina’s capital city, is a new restaurant-deli-market that serves up simple, seasonal fare from local chef Luciano Combi. Designed by Bueno Aires-based graphics and interiors specialist Horacio Gallo - mastermind of such upscale restaurants as Sudestata, Standard and Piso Tres - Fifi Almacén can be found in a vast 160sq m warehouse with seven-metre-high ceilings. Classic Thonet chairs and black linoleum-topped bistro tables are offset by a striking white-painted corrugated-zinc wall that makes up one side of the room. Shelves are fashioned from iron and untreated eucalyptus wood, and a collection of wooden fruit and vegetable crates are used to display the deli’s wares.

Fifí Almacén — Buenos Aires interior

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Gorriti 4812
Buenos Aires

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