Vibes Music Hotel — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Entrance of Vibes Music Hotel
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Paris-based Argentine Marcelo Joulia says this is a retreat for all ages, but the young will better appreciate the mod musical cons at Vibes, the latest concept hotel to hit Buenos Aires's vibrant Palermo neighbourhood. Vibes' resident DJ Luciano broadcasts in the main-floor lounge, tapas restaurant and cocktail bar, decorated in contemporary palettes that bring to mind a visual equivalent to electronic music. There's a recording studio upstairs called the Rec Room and the rooftop terrace, called Echo - open to the public as well as guests in the hotel's 32 rooms - is outfitted like a Rio club. The project was long in the works for Joulia, whose practice Naço ('intuition' in the indigenous South American language Guarani) designed the city's popular Unico bar and Unik restaurant.

Interior of Vibes Music Hotel

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Bedroom of Vibes Music Hotel

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