Whichaway Camp — Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Whichaway Camp Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
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When it comes to ultimate extreme holiday spots, it almost seems futile to be a contender against Whichaway Camp. Located on a 200ft ice fall on the edge of the Shirmacher Oasis in Queen Maud Land, this is Antarctica’s first (and only) luxury camp.

One of the highlights of the eight-day tour that includes kite skiing, ice climbing, and a close encounter with a colony of Emperor penguins, the camp opened a decade ago. Worn down by the extreme weather conditions, the original six fibreglass domes, originally designed by Ryan Ashworth, recently emerged from an extensive refurbishment.

The spruce up is, given the extraordinary wildness of the setting, surprisingly luxurious – fabric headboards and Saarinen chairs are accented with fur throws, while the en-suite bathrooms are stocked with sustainable toiletries by David de Rothschild’s Lost Explorer brand.

The separate dining pod, the lounge pod and library have also had an upgrade on the soft furnishings with thick pile rugs, low slung sofas and armchairs in red and blue upholstering, and leather detailing. The entire camp is fixed in place with metal rods, though, given the location, it’s entirely temporary and can be completely removed without leaving any trace.

Whichaway Camp study area

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Whichaway Camp dining area

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White Desert Camp Whichaway living room

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Shirmacher Oasis
Queen Maud Land


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