Book a bed at The Dreamery, Soho’s new nap bar for sleep-starved New Yorkers

Sleep pods in The Dreamery, NYC
The Dreamery nap bar, in Soho, New York
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Suffice to say, the value of napping has long been underrated. As a reliable authoirty on facilitating good quality sleep, mattress-maker Casper has picked up the flag for this worthy cause. The American brand opens The Dreamery this week – a sleep-focused oasis in the heart of downtown NYC, where patrons can book a bed and catch forty winks, regardless of whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter, are pooped from a red-eye flight or just plain tired.

Centrally located in Soho, The Dreamery sets a peaceful tone from the get-go. Visitors enter through a navy hued plywood tunnel to reach the hub’s reception area, where they can check in, collect a set of constellation-print pyjamas by Sleepy Jones, pick up an amenity kit featuring goodies by Sunday Riley and proceed to get changed. There’s even a lending library of books (curated to help invoke sleep) that guests can pick up to aid slumber.

Inside The Dreamery, nap bar in Soho, NYC

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Once kitted out, guests then venture to a locker and changing area where cosy socks, eyeshades, bamboo-charcoal toothbrushes from Hello and toothpaste all help them prepare for sleep. Visitors are encouraged to take the day off and prepare for sleep in their usual ways using the hub’s private bathroom cabins. Once ready, guests are then lead to their bed, each tucked within a spacious, circular pavilion where crisp white Casper bedding, pillows and duvets lie waiting. Heavy drapery not only provides privacy, but helps to drown out any additional noise as well.

‘The Dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines — similar to how many people prioritise a workout class,’ says Neil Parikh, co-founder and COO at Casper. ‘The concept enables us to pilot new ways of bringing better sleep to more people and to more places whether that’s here, the workplace, airports, or beyond.’

Every step of the experience has been informed by Casper’s market research, gleaned from thousands of nap trials and feedback from its almost one million customers. With appointments lasting 45 minutes for now – there are plans to expand the offering later down the line, The Dreamery provides patrons with just the right amount of time to relax, unwind and decompress.

Starlit entrance way in The Dreamery, NYC

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Check-in at The Dreamery, NYC

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Washrooms in The Dreamery in New York City

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Lounge in The Dreamery NYC

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For more information, visit the Casper website


196 Mercer Street (between Houston & Bleecker)
NYC, New York


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