Meet LA’s digital members club turning household goods into greats

Society campaign photography of household goods
Introducing Society, a new digital buying club for household cleaning products
(Image credit: TBC)

Known for its bold designs and affordable everyday essentials, young, LA-based digital members club Society believes that there are safer and smarter ways to live a clean, healthy and happy life. Drawing away from over the top branding, chemically-charged products, and high claims (that don’t actually work), Society’s goal is to generate elegant, natural products that are accessible to all.

Exhausted by the high cost of the manufacturer to distributer to retailer chain, Society launched a direct to consumer, members only marketplace. ‘Growing up in a small farming town outside of Los Angeles, it was hard to find natural alternatives to many consumer products in retail stores and they weren’t easily accessible online,’ explains co-founder Nandeet Mehta. ‘We thought it was high-time to create a new category of safe, heavy-duty products that consumers can get behind.’

Cleaning products designed by Fay for Society

(Image credit: TBC)

Featuring 1970s-inspired product designs from New York-based graphic studio Fay, Society has created a simplified version of the daily necessities we buy. The ‘at cost’ priced items include skincare, petcare and household cleaning products. Members receive unlimited access at a small monthly or annual fee.

Since its crowdfunding success in 2018, Society is now ready to open its virtual doors, where buyers can purchase nine of the newly unveiled products including a patchouli bar soap to a lemongrass deodorant.


For more information, visit the Society website