Pop art: Tatabi Studio makes microwavable popcorn pretty

Pop art: Tatabi Studio makes microwavable popcorn pretty

Of late, the Wallpaper* larder has been lined with a bevy of playful treats, like Cyril & the Chocolate Factory’s childhood bonbons, and Peter Pilotto’s Rubik’s-cube sweet box. Now, Valencian design firm Tatabi Studio has added to our snack-time fun, with its new gourmet popcorn brand, Diz-Diz.

The brief was to develop a ’youthful, fun branding’ that wouldn’t look out of place perched on the corner of the sofa, but was still ’luxurious’ enough to be passed around at an elegant party.

Tatabi answered this by looking back to Greek mythology. ’Our first thought was "Who would be the most premium customer?”,’ designer Elena Sancho explains, ’when the idea of Olympus just popped up. We used the regal textures and aesthetic of Ancient Greece as a jumping off point.’ If Mount Olympus, was the home of the gods, she suggests, ’Diz-Diz is what they would have snacked on’.

The quirky flavours on offer include parmesan, curry, cinammon and vanilla – thankfully not all in the same bag. Individual metallic outer sleeves perfectly match the shade of the popcorn inside: a warm gold for parmesan and a pale pink for cinnamon.

A marble-effect paper bag provides a desired sense of opulence, while the shape, similar to one you might find in a 1950s American movie theatre, keeps things from getting too grown-up. All this comes neatly wrapped in an deliciously over-the-top faux-alabaster presentation box. 

’We’re really happy with the result,’ Sancho adds. ’I feel we have elevated the simple corn kernel into a real, luxury treat.’

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