Rimowa has teamed up with Aesop to design a sturdy suitcase to hold its range of travel essentials. The duo of discerning brands were brought together through a shared appreciation for functional products and a love of travel. ‘Rimowa and Aesop share a meticulous approach to craftmanship and an abiding interest in pared-back utilitarian design,’ explains Dr Kate Forbes, Aesop general manager of product and research and development. ‘This led us to collaborate on creating a timeless, portable travel kit with coveted Aesop products for people venturing both near and far from home.’ 

Aesop Koln travel kit with Rimowa

Naturally, each product within the case is under the 100ml liquids limit imposed by most commercial airlines, for security reasons. But for long haul flights, or whistle-stop weekends away, the suitcase is small enough to carry with you, even popped into your bike’s basket on the way to the gym.

The case bears all the distinctive Rimowa signatures: classic aluminium casing; functional grooving inspired by the golden age of aviation; sturdy fold-up handle. Inside, snugly housed in a custom-built wooden inlay, the case boasts more than enough energy-restoring, beauty-boosting medicine bottles, from shampoo and toothpaste basics, to refreshing parsley seed anti-oxidant serum and toner. Though not specifically geared towards a particular skin-type, the product range will work well for urbanites, thanks to its pollutant-battling properties; well-matched for Rimowa’s city-hopping clientele.

The Köln travel kit (which takes its name from Rimowa’s 120-year Cologne heritage, while playing on Aesop’s choice cologne product range) will launch in select Rimowa and Aesop stores, and online globally, on 26 October 2018. §