Stag party: Picky Nicky's edit of Cedes Milano's antler accessories

Dedicated to the expert manufacturing of small, yet luxurious serving and grooming products made out of natural materials, Cedes Milano is headed by Manuela Casati and Mauro Lorenzi. The Milanese company uses specialist craftsmanship and lavish materials – such as horns, bamboo, leather and exotic woods – to create long-lasting pieces to use and love

craftsmanship and natural materials
(Image credit: Cedes Milano)

Available at WallpaperSTORE*, Cedes Milano uses specialist craftsmanship and natural materials – such as antler, horn, bamboo, leather and exotic woods – to create long-lasting pieces to use and love

This handsome, horny and decidedly dapper edit of dressing room desirables, bar essentials and desk top necessities from WallpaperSTORE* is made up of exquisite, one of a kind tools.

cocobolo and ovangkol wood

(Image credit: Cedes Milano)

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Crafted from precious cocobolo and ovangkol wood, grained leather and glorious antler, that majestic and precious material naturally shed and regrown each year by the stag or roe deer.

My pick of the week includes a shaving set and glass dome that looks just as good on its own, leather box, a travelling brush especially developed for cashmere with its own leather case, shoe horn, pocket mirror, magnifying glass, letter opener and a cork screw that every bar should have. All these wonders have been produced by hand in the Milanese workshops of Cedes Milano, run by Mauro Lorenzi, grandson of Giovanni Lorenzi of G.Lorenzi fame.

the stag antler handled shoehorn

(Image credit: Cedes Milano)

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