Neopolitan street food goes gourmet in Novara

Antonino eatery in Vicolungo has given us food for thought

Part of restaurant with tables and chairs and shelves with bottles of wine on it
(Image credit: Pepe Fotografia)

Traditional Italian streetfood has been given a Michelin-starred coating, courtesy of decorated chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. In the principality of Vicolungo in Novara, northern Italy, Cannavacciuolo has developed a new gourmet format for quick bites; creating an eponymous lifestyle concept store and cafe centred around fast food.

Fried pizza, eggplant parmigiana, mozzarella in carrozza, sfogliatelle, babà, and unxious donuts fill the feel-good menu. Humble Neapolitan favourites like cuoppo – paper cones piled with deep-fried delights – have been elevated by the chef's light touch (without detracting from their rustic street-eats charms).

Illustration of take-away food in wrapper

Illustration of cuoppo, by Lamatilde

(Image credit: Lamatilde)

The irreverent visual identity is designed by Turin-based architecture studio Lamatilde. Vernacular italics and a logo with a vintage twist complement illustrations that immortalise meal-related moments. Tag phrases poke gentle fun of colourful Neapolitan sayings – ‘facciamo muore grosse' – imitating the bustle of the market. Wallpaper patterns are innovatively made using forks, whisks and knives in lieu of brushes (watch Lamatilde's video of this process below).

Functionally, the floor plan is divided into two, with one area for food preparation and another for its sale, alongside scullery novelties including cookbooks, aprons and take-home oils and sauces. Scaling the walls, awnings made from mirrored panels further constitute Antonino’s idea of a market square: an space for mingling, pausing and tasting.

Part of restaurant with fridges with take-away food

(Image credit: Pepe Fotografia)

Illustration: © Lamatilde. Film: © Andrea Silvestri

Antonino street food packaging

(Image credit: Pepe Fotografia)

Illustration of cup of tea and teapot

Illustration: © Lamatilde

(Image credit: Lamatilde)

Antonino street food packaging with take-away food and an empty disposable cup

(Image credit: Pepe Fotografia)

Part of restaurant with fridge and take-away food

(Image credit: Pepe Fotografia)


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