Take note: Inhedited releases limited edition luxury notebooks

Take note: Inhedited releases limited edition luxury notebooks

The Inhedited collection brings to the notebook market a limited selection of books claiming to be more than just that. Described as ‘a collectible object, a piece of craftsmanship, a travel and daily companion’, the new notebooks have been designed to respond to all of the user’s personal writing and travel needs.

London-based company Inhedited was founded by Jean-François Lanzetta, inspired by his own Italian heritage and his family’s leather bags company. The Inhedited notebooks were a creative ambition for Lanzetta, who aimed to employ only the best materials, artisans and traditional bookbinding techniques in bringing the collection to fruition.

A unique selling point with the collection is its guarantee that no two notebooks are the same. This certitude can be made due to a high-standard crafting process in which the notebook’s leathers were individually selected and the marbled papers specially hand-painted.

The collection is available in a limited edition of 260 books across three collections – ’Proa’, ’Pervolō’ and the ’Eight Manuscript’ series. ’Proa’ and ’Pervolō’ differ slightly in size – in A5 and A4 formats, respectively – though all three styles maintain an emphasis on practicality and understated luxury.

With such fine attention to detail, from crafting to its finish, Inhedited’s collection is one to take note of.

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