New digital platform Goodee connects conscious consumers with ethical makers

Inside Goodee's pop-up studio in Montreal
Inside Goodee’s pop-up studio in Montreal.
(Image credit: Celia Spenard-Ko)

Twelve years on from when they first launched the Want Les Essentiels brand, designers and curators Byron and Dexter Peart have debuted a new home and lifestyle e-commerce platform that puts good design and sustainability at its forefront. Named Goodee, the digital presence aims to connect conscious consumers with ethical makers and brands, who share a passion to incite positive change around them.

‘Being active leaders in the fashion industry for over 20 years, we have long been reflecting on (and questioning) how we could influence and bend the cycle of overconsumption and waste – particularly in the luxury consumer goods space,’ says Dexter Peart. ‘Always mindful of the massive and intractable systems that are so engrained to perpetually entice us to buy more, our main objective was to provide a trusted destination for consumers to navigate how to make fewer yet better choices...and to provide purpose-driven creators a new channel to share their designs and stories with more discerning and conscious consumers.’


(Image credit: Celia Spenard-Ko)

In a way, Goodee builds on the foundations created by Want Les Essentiels. The duo departed their brand, which has always been known for its chic, utilitarian lifestyle and travel essentials, in 2017.

‘Goodee’s goal is to become the most trusted destination for the people, products, and stories shaping the best in design and purpose, with a measurable impact for a better world,’ adds Byron Peart. ‘We are working towards building a human-centric ecosystem where the people, stories and shared experience lead to create commercial opportunities and social development.’

To celebrate the launch, the Peart twins have opened a temporary real-life space in the heart of Montreal, where the company is based. Open until the end of August, the stylish space enables visitors to experience the collection of goods, which includes Ecobirdy’s children’s furniture made from recycled plastic toys, Haeckel’s all-natural grooming range and soft textiles from Viso firsthand.

Detail view of Goodee's pop-up studio in Montreal

(Image credit: Celia Spenard-Ko)

Detail view of textiles in Goodee's pop-up studio in Montreal

(Image credit: Celia Spenard-Ko)

Wide interior shot of Goodee's pop-up studio in Montreal

(Image credit: Celia Spenard-Ko)



Goodee at Phi Centre
407 Rue Saint-Pierre
Montréal, H2Y 2M3


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