British furniture brand Very Good & Proper has made its debut into outdoor furniture, just in time for the sunny season.

With a new edition of the brand’s essential ‘Canteen’ table by Ed Carpenter and André Klauser, now transformed into an outdoors dining table, the collection also includes the ‘Latte’ chair, an essential, stackable outdoor chair designed in collaboration with Parisian studio AC/AL. The chair and table structure are available in a series of earthy shades, from white and beige to charcoal, to bring your outdoors space to life.

Sustainable outdoor furniture by Very Good & Proper

Sustainable outdoor furniture by Very Good and Proper in red, including a chair with recycled and hemp fiber seat and Accoya wood table top

The new collection of garden furniture is a strong testament to the company’s commitment to exploring the use of sustainable materials in their furniture. The new outdoor table features an FSC certified Accoya engineered wooden top (a material that comes with a warranty of 50 years for outdoor furniture use), and recycled powder-coated aluminium, while the chair was created using a new, innovative material approach.

Designed by Amandine Chhor and Aissa Logerot or AC/AL Studio (whose work focuses on material experiments, craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing processes) and named after the French word for the slats defining its design, the ‘Latte’ garden chair is a sustainable chair characterized by a special biocomposite technology developed by Trifilon, a Swedish materials specialist.

Stack of recycled outdoor chairs by Very Good & Proper

The outdoor chair’s biocomposite is made from a combination of recycled plastic and hemp fibres, a process that drastically lowers the CO2-impact of its production. Trifilon’s long-established manufacturing methods include a special treatment of the industrial hemp fibres, which are then used to reinforce the recycled plastic to make it sturdier and durable for outdoor furniture design.

The manufacturing process makes the ‘Latte’ chair’s CO2 footprint drastically reduced: no new plastic is produced to create this outdoor chair and additionally, the plants used to produce the hemp fibre capture carbon from the air as they grow, further reducing the furniture’s final footprint.

This new outdoor furniture collection marks a further chapter in Very Good & Proper’s commitment to sustainability in their furniture production methods and circular economy principles. §