Layering scent is not new, but a new push to put customisation in the hands of the consumer is taking hold.

British brand Thomas Clipper has developed a trio of scents, called City, Coast and Country, designed to mix according to mood and location, while US brand DS & Durga has developed a fragrance enhancer called I Don’t Know What, which has the ability to re-animate any other scent in your repertoire. The London-based experimental Perfume Club has produced Layers, a blending collection comprising three scents that can be used to mix a unique smell in a fourth empty bottle.

Meanwhile, the newest line to emerge from Sweden, NCP Olfactives, a collaborative effort between actress Noomi Rapace, hairdresser Steve Terry, record producer Ash Pournouri, perfumer Yann Vasnier and businessman Jonas Nilsson, puts you in total control of your fragrance experience. The line consists of short formula scents in bottles with lids whose monochromatic bar design varies in spacing according to its intensity, guiding the consumer in the layering process. We’re now on the scent of our own unique smell. §

As originally featured in the March 2019 issue of Wallpaper* (W*240)