The comfort of cats – climbing furniture, scratching posts, beds, litter trays and the like – is not an area generally addressed by the design literate. But this much-neglected category has been receiving some attention lately.

French furniture designer Julie Gaillard, in collaboration with Meyou (who make some of the most stylish feline accessories around), has addressed the mountaineering pursuits of cats with ‘Hoop’. Meanwhile, Yihao Xiao, a student at Lund University, has tackled the litter tray, turning a cat’s latrine into a discreet furnishing, and Sfera has improved mealtimes for our furry friends with its superstylish cherry wood feeding bowl (all pictured top).

As originally featured in the September 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*234), and shot inside London’s Royal Opera House, which has been newly reconfigured by Stanton Williams. §