The top 20 grooming trends that shaped the A/W 2015 men's season

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton: Hair was chopped short with an angular fringe at Louis Vuitton to offset Kim Jones' A/W collection that was inspired by British designer Christopher Nemeth's rebellious, mid-eighties ‘home-craft’ movement. A shallow matt complexion finished the winter skin look, while the boys' safety pin earrings also harked back to Jones' affection for the punk era
(Image credit: Designer Christopher Nemeth's rebellious)


Givenchy: Gell got a new lease on life at Givenchy, where the boy's hair was smoothly slicked back by Luigi Murenu, with just a small section of sparse baby hair lacqured to each models' forehead to form suave curls upon Pat McGrath's luminous skin

(Image credit: Luigi Murenu)


Berluti: Lightly ruffled locks were left to their own devices at Berluti, creating an active, wind swept feel that perfectly balanced the boys' strong jaw lines and chiseled cheekbones

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dior homme

Dior Homme: 'Opening night and day dreaming' was the title for the Dior Homme show that saw Anthony Turner style the gents hair into slick, romantically side-swept partings, while glowing skin was seen to by make-up artist Lynsey Alexander to coincide with the show theme

(Image credit: Lynsey Alexander)

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten: Long fringes were uniformly maintained at Dries Van Noten and paired with pale, matte skin to match the utilitarian theme of the Belgian's A/W outing

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Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester: Grungy, smudged kohl lined the eyes of the boys at Demeulemeester, which peered out from underneath furrowed brows and a messy mop of hair

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Raf Simons

Raf Simons: Curly hair was centre-parted and gelled flat to the head for a somewhat greasy, rebellious look at Raf Simons. The grooming direction was no doubt in support of the anarchic collection, while skin retained a barely-there, youthful glow

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Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam: The colour blocking did not stop with the clothing at Agi & Sam's A/W show. It was rather creatively extended all the way to the beard and temples with colourful Lego blocks clustered all over models' faces

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Prada: Mrs Prada's boys were prim and proper for A/W with fresh-faced complexions and shiny, combed hair that was ever so slightly tousled

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Lanvin: To match A/W's skin jackets and man furs, the grooming at Lanvin was rather raw and unruly, with hair sweeping low over the eyes in an act of vagabond rebellion

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Hermés: Neatly groomed hair and a subtle radiant glow turned out the perfectly polished gentleman at Hermés

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Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum: Coiffed hair was ever so slightly ruffled by Matt Mulhall for Burberry Prorsum, which looked rather public school when paired with A/W's studious tortoiseshell spectacles. The models' dewy skin by Wendy Rowe sealed the look's youthful glow

(Image credit: Matt Mulhall, Wendy Rowe)

JW Anderson

JW Anderson: Super slicked-back manes and bold brows prevailed at JW Anderson's A/W show, providing a minimal base upon which to host Anderson's oversized fringed scarves that coiled high on the neck

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Calvin Klein Collection

Calvin Klein Collection: Hair was also given a glossy, gell comb-back at Calvin Klein Collection, accentuating the models' matte skin and high cheekbones

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Dsquared2: Perfectly powered complexions with flushed cheeks gave the Caten brother's models a mischievous rosy glow from underneath their long, forward-swept fringes

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Kenzo: Delicately dewy skin and choppy hair turned out a boyish charm at Kenzo - the collection itself posing a tribute to the youthful, urban man

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Fendi: Manicured, side-parted coiffures by Matt Muhall were offset with dark, scalpel-sharped brows overseen by Lloyd Simmonds at Fendi in Milan 

(Image credit: Matt Muhall, Lloyd Simmonds)

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo: If the scarves were thick at the Ferragamo show, so too were the brows. Matte skin was lightly highlighted on the cheekbones, while manes were left boyishly unruly

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Gucci: Silky, luminated skin by Pat McGrath and lightly ruffled hair by Paul Hanlon gave the boys at Gucci a manicured appearance that matched the clothes' feminine-tinged elegance 

(Image credit: Pat McGrath, Paul Hanlon)

Moncler Gamme Bleu

Moncler Gamme Bleu: Underneath Moncler's aviator-style goggles glowed dewy skin accompanied by super sharp cheekbones and strong, cleanly shaven jaw lines

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