Opening in conjunction with each of the four major international fashion weeks, Prada’s Iconoclast Project will see four heavyweights from the world of fashion styling making their mark on four flagship Prada stores around the world.
Commencing proceedings is Alex White of W magazine, who has left the Broadway store in New York with a lasting taste of her artistic vision. While still to come is Katie Grand transforming the London store, Olivier Rizzo waving his wand over the Milan store, and Carine Roitfeld putting her touches to the Paris store.


See more of Alex White’s transformation of the New York Prada store

White has transformed the stateside store into a sporadic world of colour-bound mannequins, dotted and herded around the yawning space.
Slouchy, Mini-Mouse-eared models take centre stage in the window display, whilst disembodied legs clad in reptile-print tights and towering heels grow uniformly out of walls. Blindfolded, purse-lipped figures huddle together in a display of the whites, creams and pastels from the collection and teetering piles of sky-high stilettos dot the shop floor, as if discarded.
The Iconoclast project is, in the words of the people at Prada, a chance to highlight ‘the importance of interacting within the world of fashion at the highest and most creative level’. If this first stage of the world-tour is anything to go by, there is much more still to come. With the London leg next up, be sure to watch this space.