The floral masks by Azuma Makoto for Noir Kei Ninomiya win Wallpaper* Design Award

Dress, £4,726, by Noir Kei Ninomiya.
Dress, £4,726, by Noir Kei Ninomiya. Fashion: Lune Kuipers
(Image credit: Charles Negre)

A pair of posy posers fuse floristry and fashion in this headpiece by Azuma Makoto for Noi Kei Ninomiya, which has just won Wallpaper* Design Award for Best Bloomers.

Japanese designer Kei Ninomiya is renowned for creating sculptural or padded forms that appear to multiply or tessellate as architectural assemblages across the body. This multi-layered dress is handmade using frills of polyester organdy, connected by rivets.

On the A/W18 catwalk, geometry met floristry head on as Ninomiya collaborated with Japanese artist Azuma Makoto on a series of floral masks that dramatically trailed across the face. This headpiece, designed by Makoto and executed by Wagner Kreusch of London Flower School, has been crafted from a profusion of posies, including begonias, orchids and scabiosas. It’s a floral face-off with the synthetic flounces that adorn the body.

As originally featured in the February 2019 issue of Wallpaper* (W*239)


For more information, visit the Azuma Makoto website