Roberto Baciocchi’s sumptuous redesign of Mytheresa’s Munich flagship

First floor centre space
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Despite covering 1200 sq m, there’s something snug and comforting about luxury retailer Mytheresa’s newly redesigned boutique in Munich. In fact, a sense of feeling ‘at home’ was central to Roberto Baciocchi, founder of Baciocchi Associates, complete renovation of the three-floor space, which originally opened in 1987, and was the brick-and-mortar birthplace of the now renowned e-commerce heavyweight. ‘The boutique is like a living room’, Baciocchi says, with its soft sorbet hues, and plush textiles ticking all the boxes for a familiar yet fantastical feel.

‘I’ve tried to find maximum softness with shapes and fabrics’ Baciocchi – the Italian mastermind behind Prada and Miu Miu’s boutiques explains. The architect, who has also created retail interiors for La Perla and Folli Follie has for Mytheresa custom-designed furnishings in soft, tactile shearling and silk. Pillars are lined with lilac velvet, egg-like seats and poufs are upholstered using fake fur, their plush finishes juxtaposed against satin steel, marble and resin walls and floors.

‘Roberto Baciocchi is a master at understanding how to create a retail space that is true to a brand’s DNA,’ explains Michael Kliger, CEO of Mytheresa. The boutique – which boasts a first floor dedicated to ready-to-wear and established brands, and a basement housing its contemporary and denim offering – is unified by a resplendent marble staircase. ‘The space is both both diverse and harmonious in aesthetic and experience,’ Baciocchi adds.

The Munich space remains Mytheresa’s only brick-and-mortar boutique, and in a nod to its digital counterpart, its redesign features iPads which allow customers to place special orders, or order items from its warehouse. In a further unification between store and site, the boutique, formerly known as Theresa, will be renamed Mytheresa. ‘From our premium powerhouse brands to new contemporary designers, the new space will continue to mirror our curated edit of luxury fashion as seen online,’ Kliger says. ‘It will always remain as the true destination of luxury.’

Plush textiles and soft hues are thought to make visitors feel 'at home'

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Marble curved staircase Roberto Baciocchi has also designed boutique stores for both Prada and Miu Miu

The curved marble staircase runs through the three-floor space

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Ground floor cabinet detail

Roberto Baciocchi has also designed boutique stores for both Prada and Miu Miu

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First floor and ground floor spaces

iPads found in-store allow customers to place special orders, or order items from its warehouse

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Maffeistraße 3
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