Opening Ceremony's enlightened S/S 2015 show came in the form of a play, 100% Lost Cotton, written by Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill. Directed by Jonze and featuring actors like Elle Fanning, Bobby Cannavale and Catherine Keener, the one-act play was a comical (and supposedly fictional) depiction of the label's pre-show tribulations.

The setting involved guests taking seats backstage of the Metropolitan Opera, so that when the curtains drew back, the production was ingeniously set against the glittering, opulent theatre itself. The audience watched as actors depicting founders Humberto Leon (James Cameron Mitchell) and Carol Lim (Keener) carried out fittings with models (including Karlie Kloss) and run-throughs of the show, thus indirectly showcasing the new collection.

After the curtain fell, guests were invited onto the stage to get a closer look at the set, which included a pastel purple aluminium desk produced by Neal Feay, and clothes that were inspired by one particularly memorable summer in 1991 when Leon and Lim spent their time loitering in outdoor pools and indoor malls in the Californian suburbs. Youthful, carefree and ever ahead of the curve, Opening Ceremony's creative spirit is alive and well.