There was a fabulous shearling segment in this show .
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Mood board: Miu Miu returned to its quirky retro roots for spring and the effects were charmingly on point. Sassy, sexy, and swinging to a sweeter beat, apron dressing left long lean legs fully exposed, cotton smocking clung to the models’ lithe waists, while Scandinavian 1970s prints lent an eye-popping, optimistic beat.

Best in show: There was a fabulous shearling segment in this show that looked like clothing cut from bold 1970s patterned carpets. The graphics were all round-edge geometries, done up in high-tech colour that looked fantastic on beefy belted bathrobes and long A-line skirts.

Finishing touches: The highlight to this show were the accessories that started on the head with swimming caps covered in spiky, plastic floral appliqués. The blooms continued down under foot with shower slides and plastic thong sandals jazzed-up with marvelous colourful flowers. Also covet-worthy next autumn are the canvas striped oversized bags with wood trim and handles.

Models are wearing swimming caps

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Model is carrying a bag.

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JJ Martin