Rodarte S/S 2017

The Mulleavy sisters looked to the 1973 Spanish film The Spirit of the Beehive for Rodarte's ruffled rock'n'roll offering

Spanish ruffles are sprinkled over a fashion model's attire.
(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Scene setting: Kate and Laura Mulleavy once again tapped Alexandre de Betak and Bureau Betak – who has been imagining their sets for as far back as one can remember – to create the scenery for their S/S 2017. They mapped out the runway with tangled webs of wire, yellow flowers and fluorescent lights.

Mood board: The Mulleavy sisters looked to the 1973 Spanish film The Spirit of the Beehive as the starting point for the collection. From it they culled the honeycomb patterns and surface treatments reminiscent of pollen, explored with a sprinkling of Spanish ruffles.

Best in show: The ruffled layers of a lavender beaded daisy print blouse and skirt were one of the show’s standouts. The finale look, a hand beaded and embroidered lace ‘pollen’ gown, could be the perfect wedding dress for a Rodarte girl.

A stylish models wearing a lavender shirt and skirt with a beaded daisy design.

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Rodarte girl wearing a hand-embroidered and beaded lace "pollen" gown.

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Model with a scattering of Spanish frills.

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans RODARTE)

Fashionable Rodarte model with a touch of Spanish ruffles.

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)


Photography: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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