Whilst Norman Foster’s gigantic viaduct may take centre stage in the French city of Millau, the settlement has also played host to a lesser-known but no less worthy resident for the past 85 years. Founded by Etienne Fabre back in 1924, Maison Fabre has been producing its world famous leather gloves with merciless discipline and impeccable craftsmanship for the past 80 years.
The Fabre helm has recently been handed to Etienne’s ex-journalist grandson Olivier, who this season has afforded the age-old company a breath of high-design air with the help of fledgling Austrian fashion designer Michaela Buerger. Buerger - best known for her innovative, constructed knitwear collections - has collaborated with Fabre to produce a range of intricate, geometric gloves. Adorned with varied knits, bobbles, cuffs and bangles, the SS10 collection includes denim mittens and crochet gloves complete with leather lace – providing a somewhat less conventional addition to Paris’s high-fashion fingers this season.