Brazilian designers are nothing if not bold. Among our favourites are grande dame Gloria Coelho, whose latest collection displays her fixation with shape and texture, and newcomer Neon, which cleverly mixes fabrics and prints. Watch out, too, for swimwear from hotly tipped new arrival Luiza Bonadiman.

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Of course Brazilian fashion is not all about the clothes. A healthy stock of obscenely healthy looking boys and girls – toned by beach sports and gilded by a generous sun – is also a key component of brand Brazil. And the beauty of it is the natural replenishment of these stocks. So meet Gracie and Isabella, just two of the latest batch of tall and tanned and young and lovely girls from Ipanema and elsewhere to join Brazil’s international catwalk core. They might not be the Germanic-gone-Amazonian sorts we have come to expect to but fantastic human variety is what Brazil is all about.