Celebrating 25 years of London Fashion Week, the Scottish heritage knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland has teamed up with Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley to produce a limited edition collection of twinsets and t-shirts emblazoned with Shrigley’s signature drawings. And they’ve very kindly given us 3 to give away, together with 3 signed copies of Shrigley’s new book. As part of the collaboration with Pringle, Shrigley has also created a billboard campaign for the brand, which will be shown throughout the London Underground network for the month of September.

See a selection of our favourite Shrigley drawings and more of the his collaboration with Pringle
“I didn’t know what a twinset was before I collaborated with Pringle. I thought it was underwear or something,” says Shrigley, “Now I do know what it is I think everybody should wear one. Always. All the time.”
Shrigley has achieved that rare thing in the contemporary art world - widespread crossover appeal and critical acclaim in equal measure. His knack for social commentary on the ills of modern life is uncanny – funny and disturbing, flippant and thought provoking. Using blank eyed human avatars and grotesque creatures as the mouthpieces for his statements, his scratchy drawings and scribbled captions have graced everything from daily newspapers to some of the world’s finest contemporary galleries.
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