New repair service lets summer wardrobe favourites live longer

London-based fashion retailer Browns has teamed up with luxury goods and clothing repair service The Restory in a bid to give your wardrobe new life

Browns Restory clothing repair Bottega Veneta green bag
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We’ve all mourned when the heel of a favourite summer sandal has snapped, a linen dress has been unfolded damaged from a drawer, or the sole of a suede trainer has scuffed beyond repair. Or so you’d think.

When luxury goods and clothing repair service The Restory launched in 2015, it offered modern after-care for luxury fashion, fixing and finessing wardrobe favourites and giving them an extended life. The London-based company offers a range of reinvigorating services, including resoling and reheeling, specalist bag cleaning, debobbling, darning and invisible mending. The Restory will even bring new life to a scuffed Hermès ‘Birkin’ bag or a pair of embellished Manolo Blahnik stilettos.

Clothing repair: boost the life span of your wardrobe

Browns The Restory clothing repair Maison Margiela trainers

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Now, in a bid to boost the life span of our wardrobes, and encourage a more sustainable clothing economy, luxury London-based retailer Browns has announced a collaboration with The Restory. The conscious partnership allows Browns customers worldwide to book a collection service for their worn fashion pieces through its website, which will then be transported to The Restory’s London ateliers for a luxurious touch-up.


‘Striving to do better is at the core of Browns, and we want to be able to offer the chance to think consciously and extend the life of cherished pieces. With the very best restoration service working hand in hand with us, purchases become more thoughtful and will become investment pieces for life,’ says, Lee Whittle, customer experience director at Browns. The collaboration is part of the company’s Browns Conscious strategy, which also includes a made-to-order jewellery service and a made-to-measure suiting service with Zegna.

Thinking about that pair of badly scuffed boots you've got stowed in the back of your wardrobe? That once bright leather shoulder bag that’s been faded by the sun? That evening gown that needs an intensive clean and steam? Now there's a chance for you to reuse those pieces, buffed, reheeled, recoloured and ready for the world again.

Browns Restory clothing repair Manolo Blahnik jewelled stilettos

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