Mirrored Burberry sculpture rises on Jeju Island in South Korea

The Imagined Landscapes Jeju is a reflective, naturalistic Burberry sculpture that overlooks Sanbangsan mountain and the south shore of Jeju Island in South Korea

Burberry The Imagined Landscapes sculpture in Jeju, South Korea
Burberry The Imagined Landscapes Jeju, a pop-up location on Jeju Island, South Korea
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Something majestic and mirrored – reflective in surface, but sublimely at home with organic, natural surroundings – sits at the foot of Hallasan mountain on Jeju Island, in South Korea. It shimmers in the sun, rising amongst the sub-tropical landscape like a space-age temple, overlooking Sanbangsan mountain and the island’s southern shore.

Welcome to Burberry’s The Imagined Landscapes Jeju, a topographical sculpture that is the first of its kind on the South Korean island. It is designed as one of a series of the British heritage brand's global pop-up spaces, which aim to blur the lines between ‘nature and technology, the indoors and outdoors, the real and the imagined'.

Burberry The Imagined Landscapes Jeju: a space-age South Korean sculpture

Burberry The Imagined Landscapes Jeju façade close up

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The space, adventurous in its location and design – and a nod to the pioneering spirit of the brand's founder Thomas Burberry – has an undulating façade that echoes the topographic contours of maps. Inside, it showcases three immersive films by a trio of artists: Maotik, Cao Yuxi, and Lia Jiayu. The films explore themes including nature, physical distortion and the digital realm. The sculpture also houses a range of adventurous Burberry pieces, ranging from puffer jackets to new iterations of the label's signature trench coat, which was first introduced over a century ago.

For visitors who feel a touch peckish after visiting the viewing platform of the sun-reflecting sculpture, Burberry has opened Thomas’s Café just a stone's throw away. The café – which makes its first appearance in Korea – draws not only on Burberry’s beige tones and animal kingdom motifs, but also nods to local culture. The space plays host to chef Justin Lee of Seoul-based JL Dessert Bar, and features an assortment of sweet treats.

Keen to draw yourself even deeper into Burberry's world? As you view The Imagined Landscapes Jeju, you can also turn on a TikTok filter that will activate an augmented reality lens, giving the notion that there are sharks swimming in the sky.

Close up of Burberry The Imagined Landscapes Jeju sculpture in Jeju, South Korea

(Image credit: press)

Burberry The Imagined Landscapes Jeju sculptural pop-up in South Korea

(Image credit: press)