The yoga brands perfecting your posture and workout style

Silou workout yoga
Silou Pre-Fall 2019
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Yoga is still flying high on our exercise list, and a whole host of low intensity workouts are on the up too. As we achieve all of our gym goals, we’re in need of versatile and comfortable outfits that allow us to perfect our downward dog in effortless style. Here, we present three workout brands that combine cutting-edge technology with powerful design, so that we can feel and look good in one fell and perfectly-postured swoop.

Mahala Essence

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Mahala Essence

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‘I discovered the hot and humid atmosphere of Bikram yoga and it transformed my life,' says Mahala Essence founder Ambre Boukebza, of the practice which involves holding 26 postures in a 42°C heated room. The French yoga teacher realised that not only did she require technical and practical pieces adapted to her training, but also a stylish apparel line to continue the day post-pose. Made in Japan using authentic waving machines, Mahala Essence's jerseys and fleeces are crafted to the highest quality giving unique texture and touch, while bras and leggings are knitted in France using technically innovative fabrics.

The core collection is then created according to four different yoga practices (Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bikram), each of which features a mascot inspired by the hip hop codes of the 1990s, sewn on the back of the silk bomber jackets. For SS19, the brand also offers cut out bras as well as hoodies and T-shirts in red or blue paisley to put on after a revitalising sunrise class.


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Silou Pre Fall 2019

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In 2017, former Givenchy and Calvin Klein jeans model Tatiana Kovylina launched her athleisure label Silou. The brand offers beautifully designed, gym-ready pieces for every body type, that are manufactured in a female-run factory in Lithuania. ‘Silou’s mantra is to embrace your own SILOU-ette,' says co-founder and CEO Phoebe Greenacre. ‘We want women to feel empowered in and outside of the gym and to take on any task that life throws us.'

Bras, leggings and bodies are made with soft Italian fabrics to highlight feminine curves, while supporting every type of workout. For summer, the pieces are imagined in vivid sunrise tones and offer extra comfort to keep up with an active lifestyle during the warmer season. The brand also makes sure to take care of the planet by only using eco-friendly fibres that are kind to the skin and the environment: ‘We are completely transparent about where we are on this journey, with the aim to be wholly sustainable by 2021.'


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Vyayama Iceland Collection

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From the Sanskrit word ‘to move’, Vyayama (pronounced ‘vai-ah-mah') was founded with the idea of offering a natural alternative to the synthetic activewear invading the market. About three years ago, the team started working with the closed loop fabric Tencel, a form of rayon, which has zero impact on the environment nor on the wearer. Sourced from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees in South Africa, this botanical fibre is then turned into garments in family run workshops in Portugal.

The label offers a range of prints and cuts inspired by nature, as well as ultra soft and luxurious basic pieces which are both comfortable and sensual. For spring, it will introduce crop tops and leggings in vibrant colours made with Cupro, a vegan alternative to silk spun out of cotton. ‘We don’t think there needs to be a sacrifice of fashionability for sustainability,' says founder Rachel Bauer. ‘We hope that responsible choices for the body and the environment become the norm for clothing, not the exception.'