Clear view: all is revealed with the latest sunglasses frames

Coming into focus this summer are sunglasses frames that nod to the hardware that holds them together. At Prada, metal details have been placed directly onto the frame – vintage-inspired pilot frames are finished with visible screws and a metal double bridge. For his collaboration with Silhouette, Austrian fashion designer Arthur Arbesser has opted for a rimless style, with lenses that appear to float within their angular frames. Lindberg’s gradient lenses also hover within a retrolooking double metal rim, while Chanel’s pink-toned styles resemble a coloured filter that one would place over a camera lens, fixed into place with a succession of tiny screws. Shades of greatness indeed.

Left, sunglasses, £355, by Lindberg. Rollneck, £495, by Pringle of Scotland. Artwork: (Un)spaced, by Nihan Aycan, 2017. Right, sunglasses, £250, by Arthur Arbesser, for Silhouette. Rollneck, £495, by Pringle of Scotland
(Image credit: Laetita Hotte)

Prada, Arthur Arbesser, Chanel


Left, sunglasses, £376, by Prada. Rollneck, £495, by Pringle of Scotland. Right, sunglasses, £255, by Chanel. Rollneck, as before.

Photography: Laetita Hotte. Fashion: Lune Kuipers. As originally featured in the July 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*220)

(Image credit: Laetita Hotte)


For more information, visit the Lindberg website, Arthur Arbesser website, Silhouette website, Prada website and Chanel website