The latest Hermès Beauty collection is a riot of colour for lips and nails

Hermès Beauty is launching a limited-edition collection for spring/summer 2024, with lipsticks and nail polishes in six electric shades

Hermès Beauty lipsticks in bright colours for summer
(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermès Beauty)

Hermès Beauty is about to celebrate its fourth birthday. Upon launching in 2020, it was announced that packaging would be created by Pierre Hardy, who has designed jewellery and shoes for the French house for three decades. When Wallpaper* previewed the brand’s first collection of lipsticks, Hardy remarked that his vision was ‘the image of purity and simplicity’, using a white tube offset with blocks of colour contrasting with the shade of the product within. ‘The top curves inward a bit like a fingerprint, giving it a little softness,’ said Hardy. ‘It’s an anticipation of the gesture to come.’ And certainly, it’s a gestural riot of colour that Hermès Beauty continues to celebrate, no more so than in its new limited-edition collection for spring/summer 2024.

Hermès Beauty blue nail polish

(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermès Beauty)

The Hermès Beauty limited-edition S/S24 collection

The collection is comprised of three lipsticks and three nail polishes, which have been injected with a vibrant dose of pigment in typical Hermès Beauty fashion. For lips, shades are classic yet electric, with a vibrant twist on red, pink, and orange. Rouge Cinétique is a deep red with a matte finish; Rose Pop, an almost fluorescent shade of pink; and Orange Néon is… well, a neon twist on the Hermès house colour. When it comes to nails, there’s an outré purple and blue (Bleu Électrique is described by the house as a ‘flash of lightning’, illuminating nails ‘with a candid, joyful blue’, whereas Ultraviolet is a dense purple, blended with a touch of magenta). And finally, Orange Tonique (another riff on Hermès orange) adorns the nails with the ‘vibrancy of coral, refreshed by a hint of pink’.

Hermès Beauty red lipstick

(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermès Beauty)

‘With the Rouge Hermès spring/summer 2024 limited-edition collection, we explore colour in its purest expression,’ explains Gregoris Pyrpylis, creative director of Hermès Beauty. ‘The shades are rich, generous and bold. Applied to the lips, they illuminate the face with their matte, light-absorbing finish and attract attention with their temperament, both joyous and assertive. A true style statement. Hues that are so radiant they can colour the mood. A pure manifestation of joy.’

The Rouge Hermès and Les Mains Hermès, spring/summer 2024 limited-edition collection is available from 1 February 2024 in selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.

Hermès Beauty purple nail polish

(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermès Beauty)
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