Fjör transformed my complexion with its hydrolytic serum and moisturiser

Fjör is a rising brand founded on the principles of stripped-back, science-led skincare that really works. And as Hannah Tindle can attest, it lives up to its promises

fjör serum
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Fjör is a science-led skincare brand that believes in stripping your routine right back to (almost) nothing. And, during a time when the beauty and skincare industry is becoming more and more saturated, it manages to stand out from the crowd by taking this ‘skinimalist’ approach: that being, less product, more efficacy.

In the case of Fjör, this means just two products to be exact. Namely, the Hydrolytic Serum and Hydrolytic Moisturiser. ‘The word fjör is Icelandic, meaning “life” and “vitality”. But it’s also a very Scandinavian word, and I’m half Swedish and half Chinese Malaysian,’ founder Natalie Enslow says. ‘It was important to me to incorporate and communicate that Nordic minimalism through the brand.’ Enslow, who left her job on the marketing team at Rolex for this entirely new beauty venture in 2021, was clear in her vision from the outset. ‘I knew what I wanted to create: something science-led that would have a real impact.’

fjör Hydrolytic Serum bottle against skin

Fjör’s Hydrolytic Serum

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Fjör blends biotechnology with the principles of ‘skinimalism’

Enslow worked closely with biotechnologists in the development of these two products. ‘The biotechnologists I work with are enzyme engineers,’ she explains. ‘They pioneered an enzyme that helps to prevent you from getting sick to be used in a nasal spray. In the process, they found out that it has an incredible effect on the skin, and had been looking for someone to partner with to bring it to the market.’ Serendipitously, Enslow got in touch with them at just the right time. Soon after, Fjör was born as the world’s first skincare brand to incorporate this specific discovery.

fjör Hydrolytic®️ Moisturiser against moss

Fjör’s Hydrolytic Moisturiser

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So how does it work, exactly? The Hydrolytic Enzyme not only strengthens the skin barrier and its natural defences but also balances its microbiome. ‘It creates a biofilm on the skin,’ says Enslow. ‘So it prevents adhesions from bacteria, viruses, free radicals… Things that you sort of interact with daily that you need to protect yourself from.’ If that weren’t enough, it also acts as an exfoliant to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. (This activates the skin's natural renewal process and allows other ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, for intense hydration and anti-redness). The serum combines this magical enzyme with world-class peptides (M-prolyl Palmitoyl and Tripeptide-56 Acetate), collagen and hyaluronic acid; the moisturiser also contains Japanese blood grass root extract and xylitol, which both act as humectants to trap in moisture.

fjör’s Hydrolytic Serum bottle against skin

Fjör’s Hydrolytic Serum

(Image credit: Courtesy of Fjor)

Yes, that’s a lot of information to digest. But, I tried the products for two months and I can attest that everything makes a lot more sense, upon seeing the results. My dehydrated skin, which can be clog and break out prone if I get lazy with my routine (something that Fjör also helped to rectify as it is a joy to apply with its scent-free, silky yet highly moisturising texture), was brighter and more hydrated. I also had significantly fewer breakouts: a miracle over the Christmas period when sugar consumption was at an all-time high.

Enslow has plans to expand Fjör with a body moisturiser and an SPF. But she’s keen to stress that nothing that it does will ever be gimmicky or exist without purpose and delivering what it promises. ‘We're not doing things for the sake of it,’ she says. ‘I want to help people navigate the world of skincare. One of the things that I saw very early on in the development process is the idea that people use skin care right now as sort of an instant gratification to replace the skin's function, which I think is a very delicate line to dance on. It’s not about thinking just of tomorrow and next week, but also ten to 15 years down the line. Skin health is a lifelong journey.’

serum being dropped on face

Fjör’s Hydrolytic Serum

(Image credit: Courtesy of Fjor)
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