Obayaty is a new design-led brand creating make-up for men

The Obayaty founders discuss their elevated vision for the brand’s debut range make-up for men

OBAYATY make-up for men
The first make-up collection by Obayaty
(Image credit: Courtesy of OBAYATY)

Obayaty is a new brand that wants men to explore the transformative potential of make-up. It launched in December 2023 with a line of seven cosmetic and skincare products. These range from the subtle (a tinted eye cream, a stick concealer, a lip balm, bronzer and highlighter) to the bold (coloured eye pens and nails polishes), all with forward-thinking yet functionally designed packaging.

The design-led vision for Obayaty’s make-up for men

OBAYATY make-up

Obayaty face contour stick

(Image credit: Courtesy of OBAYATY)

Obayaty is following in the footsteps of brands such as Pleasing, Milk, and Byredo –which take a gender-neutral approach to make-up – and Chanel, whose Boy de Chanel range provides a slightly subdued version of the main cosmetic line.

However, Obayaty is trying to take men’s beauty one step further with a more varied range of products specifically designed to address the needs of men. ‘We understand that masculinity is no longer one-size-fits-all,’ the Obayaty team told us. ‘We’ve moved beyond the stage where norms are dictated. Modern men are characterised by their willingness to embrace transformation, a characteristic that lies at the heart of Obayaty.’ 

OBAYATY nail polish

Obayaty matte nail brightener (left) and Obayaty nail colour in the shade Yves (right)

(Image credit: Courtesy of OBAYATY)

Both the make-up and the skincare are designed to respond to the unique challenges of men’s skin, which include larger pores, heightened sebum production, rough texture, dry patches and shaving irritation. Products such as Face Contour, a sculpting bronzer stick, and the Retouch Stick, a creamy concealer, provide buildable colour and are formulated with botanical oils to hydrate skin and prevent shine.

The eye pens come in five shades, including a traditional black, punchy pink and a shimmery silver, and can be used to line the eyes or smudged to create a shadow effect. The use of shea butter and natural waxes means the products melt into the skin to be wearable throughout the day and complement, rather than dominate, the wearer’s face.

OBAYATY make-up

Obayaty retouch stick

(Image credit: Courtesy of OBAYATY)

All products come in gunmetal-hued packaging that is compact enough to be kept in a pocket and used throughout the day. Ultimately, it is a mixture of versatility and usability that defines the Obayaty mission. ‘What sets our products apart is their user-friendly design, making them easy to incorporate into any routine, and a formulation crafted to eliminate common mistakes,’ say the team. ‘Our commitment lies in offering a seamless and natural experience that enhances the wellbeing and confidence of men.’


OBAYATY make-up

OBAYATY illuminating stick

(Image credit: Courtesy of OBAYATY)
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