Dior Rouge Premier is ‘haute couture lipstick’ of unparalleled luxury

Dior Rouge Premier might just be the most opulent lipstick ever made, with a 24ct gold formulation and ceramic case designed over five years

Dior lipsticks
(Image credit: Dior )

Dior Rouge Premier is a lipstick of unparalleled luxury that brings a variety of ‘haute couture’ approaches to make-up. The first is the unparalleled pigmentation of the collection’s 12 colours, which range from nude to bright red, coral, burgundy and reddish-brown. One swipe offers a richly saturated burst of matte colour with a luminous sheen obtained from 24ct gold micro-particles. 

Dior lipstick

(Image credit: Dior )

‘Rouge Premier is a selective range of essential shades,’ says the mind behind the lipsticks and the creative and image director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips. These 12 timeless lipsticks cover all the great classics, to make sure that every woman can find her shade to enhance her lips with colour, texture and a sensorial experience.’

Parfums Christian Dior lipsticks

(Image credit: Parfums Christian Dior)

Next up, the formulation. Each lipstick is infused with red hibiscus hand-picked at the Dior Gardens in Burkina Faso and combined with jojoba oil and shea butter to revitalise the epidermal cells and smooth lips. It feels like silk but stays like steel, designed to not smudge or diminish even slightly for up to eight hours. For an added touch of luxury, it is perfumed with soft notes of rooibos, bergamot and black tea.  

Model wears Dior lipsticks

(Image credit: Parfums Christian Dior)

The luxuriousness of the lipstick is matched by the opulence of its case, which is decorated with Dior’s signature toile de Jouy pattern. The ceramic flute is designed by the historic Maison Bernardaud, which worked with Dior for five years to create the perfect case. Fifty craftsmen worked to assemble, piece by piece, the Rouge Premier case so that it maintained the precious delicacy of porcelain while still being sturdy enough to last in handbags or on dressing tables. 


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