Forget Aperol. Pomello is the cocktail you should be drinking this summer

Pomello, a new grapefruit and elderflower aperitif, is the perfect cocktail for the summer season

Pomello grapefruit and elderflower aperitif
(Image credit: Pomelo)

‘Born in Sweden. Raised in LA’ is the tagline for Pomello, a newly launched aperitif that is set to take the summer by storm. The two places might seem a strange reference point for a cocktail, but Pomello seeks to meld the Los Angeles palette for refreshing citrus juices and the Swedish tradition of rejuvenating elderflower cordials into one, perfect summertime drink. 

Pomello aperitif

(Image credit: Pomelo)

Unsurprisingly, Pomello is made from pomelos (a more delicate variety of the grapefruit), grown in California, and elderflower, a well-loved flower in Sweden. The result is a sweet aperitif tempered by an acid freshness and bitter floral flavour. It is best served over ice with sparkling wine, a dash of soda and a wedge of grapefruit. Alternatively, it can be served on its own with soda or tonic. 

Alan Uresti Silva, head of mixology at Annabel's, London, says of the drink: ‘Pomello has a great versatility and complexity that allows you to create cocktails from a Negroni style to a Sour drink, bringing joyful bitterness and elegant floral notes that can help you to create great flavours and balanced cocktails.’ 

bottles of Pomello aperitif

(Image credit: Pomello)

Adds Pomello founder Malin Spano, ‘In the last few years, the European Aperitivo moment has dominated the market. Combined with my love for travelling the world and imagining a drink that I know my friends would love, we were looking to create something new and different that represents the best of Sweden and LA in one bottle. At Pomello our goal is to achieve perfection in every drop – using unique flavours renowned in two countries, [we have] unlocked and unveiled the natural sweetness and smoothness with a gentle bitterness.’

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to order yourself a bottle to serve at your next picnic or barbecue.

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