Glenmorangie unveils a whisky inspired by rugged Scottish forests

Glenmorangie’s new whisky A Tale of the Forest uses an ancient Highland method for drying barley to create a distinctive taste

Glenmorangie Tale of the Forest whisky
(Image credit: Glenmorangie)

Glenmorangie has been creating some of Scotland’s most distinctive whiskies since 1843. Today, 180 years later, the brand continues to live up to its history, producing venerable blends that appeal to classic tastes (like Glenmorangie 19 Years Old) as well as innovative blends designed to suit modern palettes (such as Glenmorangie X, a whisky designed to be paired with a mixer). 

Glenmorangie House landscape

The landscape surrounding the Glenmorangie House in the Scottish Highlands 

(Image credit: Glenmorangie)

The brand’s latest launch, Tale of the Forest, will appeal to both whisky classicists and progressives with its instantly appealing smoky flavour that has been produced from barley kilned in woodland botanicals (a first for the brand). Master distiller Dr Bill Lumsden hit on the formulation by repurposing for a modern audience the ancient Highland methods for drying barley. The result is a barley kilned in juniper berries, birch bark and heather flowers, with a touch of peat. 

It creates a complex flavour, with aromas of pine needles and juniper intertwined with hints of smoke and even coriander. It is finished off with tastes of fresh eucalyptus and bitter orange. 

Glenmorangie House sitting room

The Morning Room at Glenmorangie House

(Image credit: Glenmorangie)

To enhance your Glenmorangie experience, you can visit the Glenmorangie House in the Scottish Highlands. The nine-bedroom hotel was revamped by designer Russell Sage in 2021 so that every element of its design somehow reflects the whisky creation process – from the golden-hued Morning Room inspired by fields of barley; to the six bespoke bedrooms and three one-bedroom cottages. To celebrate its various blends, Glenmorangie hosts a series of immersive weekends at the house, the schedule of which will soon be announced on the brand’s website.

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