The Future Perfect celebrates materiality in new Los Angeles exhibition

Coinciding with Frieze LA, a new exhibition titled ‘Momentary Pause’ (17 February – 18 March 2022) explores material-based practices that inspire change

Sculptures from exhibition at The Future Perfect during Frieze LA
Left, Ian Collings, Stone Seat Table, 2022 and right, Cody Hoyt
(Image credit: press)

Contemporary design gallery The Future Perfect is exploring the tangibility of a slower pace in a new exhibition, ‘Momentary Pause’, at its Los Angeles outpost, Casa Perfect.

Coinciding with Frieze LA, the exhibition celebrates the tactility inherent in materials with a considered exploration of material-based practices from artists including Dan John Anderson, Bradley L Bowers, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Olivia Cognet, Ian Collings, Guy C Corriero, Kazunori Hamana, Piet Hein Eek, John Hogan, Cody Hoyt, Jason Koharik, Eric Roinestad, Reinaldo Sanguino, Rachel Shillander, Floris Wubben, and Karl Zahn.

The artists consider the potential of materiality to inspire change, through a journey of self-discovery. Through materials including stone, plaster and wood, they have created a series of works that encourage thoughtful mediation.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Stone Rose Table Lamp, 2022, from exhibition at The Future Perfect during Frieze LA

Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Stone Rose Table Lamp, 2022

(Image credit: press)

‘The works presented in the exhibition are all expressions of labour – or the act of making by hand – as a form of care for nature, or as a way of understanding oneself in relation to the environment,’ says gallery director Laura Young. ‘With a growing awareness of the impact of mass production on the environment, and mass media on the individual, we’ve seen a return to simpler ways of living on Earth, and a renewed appreciation for its resources and their possibilities. Through different approaches and outcomes, each artist asks us to slow down and connect with their work, explore its details, and liberate our senses and minds.’

Works invite a closer look – upon second glance, Cody Hoyt’s vessels aren’t painted but actually composed of clay teased into patterns. For Piet Hein Eek, it is the physicality of the process that is celebrated, with each fragment of wood in his ‘Pan’ table painstakingly mitred. The invigorating effect of bold colours is celebrated by Reinaldo Sanguino in ceramic stools and vessels, while Rachel Shillander’s mother-of-pearl tiles bring a gleaming opulence to an armchair.

Says David Alhadeff, founder of The Future Perfect: ‘The exhibition opens a discourse of contemplation for design that many of our artists and designers consider very close to their hearts. Great design lives in the details and so often, designers take pride in the things you don’t see.’

Ian Collings, Stone Object, 2022

Ian Collings, Stone Object, 2022

(Image credit: press)

Guy C Corriero, Untitled, 2022

Guy C Corriero, Untitled, 2022

(Image credit: press)

Design by Jason Koharik

Jason Koharik

(Image credit: press)

Reinaldo Sanguino, Round Table, 2022

Reinaldo Sanguino, Round Table, 2022

(Image credit: press)


The exhibition will be on view at Casa Perfect Los Angeles from February 17– March 18 by appointment

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