Standard shapes: Aldo Bakker’s warped jugs go on show at Amsterdam’s Looiersgracht 60

Standard shapes: Aldo Bakker’s warped jugs go on show at Amsterdam’s Looiersgracht 60

Multidisciplinary Amsterdam art gallery Looiersgracht 60 has dedicated its latest exhibition to the work of Dutch designer Aldo Bakker. ’Containing Content’ is a mono-thematic show using the jug as a starting point to explore the designer’s approach to domestic objects and his aesthetic panorama. 

The exhibition features five objects, presented on pedestals which were specially developed by Bakker to enhance and complement the form of each, dotted around the gallery’s bright industrial space.

Jugs normally take a standard shape, and are expected to have straightforward qualities, explain Looiersgracht 60 directors Soraya Notoadikusumo and Nadine Snijders. These features include being able to hold and protect their content, pour whatever is inside and be refillable – all things that Bakker challenges with his work in shape, puzzling viewers by presenting sculptural objects which can’t be immediately recognised as jugs.

The five pieces were developed by Bakker in collaboration with local makers Jan Matthesius (for the metal objects) and Frans Ottink (for the porcelain). Three of them are shown here for the first time. 

The exhibition celebrates Bakker’s ability to encourage slowing down and looking at objects with fresh eyes – an approach the gallery directors share with the designer. To give a wider context to his practice, Bakker’s sketches are presented alongside the works, unveiling the thought processes behind the objects on show. 

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