Step inside this purist loft in Paris, an interior design project by Sophie Dries Architect

Interior of a loft space designed by Sophie Dries with white walls, wooden bookshelves , black flooring and grey and wooden furniture
Parisian architect and designer Sophie Dries has converted a loft space in Paris’s Canal Saint-Martin district. Pictured, Ah/Un sculpture by Gary William Webb; oak and steel table and bench, by Guillaume Gouerou; carpet in jute from Nepal, and Library in birch plywood and ceramics, by Sophie Dries.
(Image credit: Gilles Uzan)

Architect Sophie Dries was just 28 when she established her studio back in 2014. Four years on, and her growing portfolio spans showrooms in Istanbul to collectible product design that caught our eye at Salone del Mobile last year. Her latest foray is on her home turf of Paris, where she has taken a friend’s loft space in Canal Saint-Martin district and converted it into a minimalist cove defined by natural light and soft tones.

Dries’ principal concern for her overhaul was to retain the ‘purist spirit’ of the space, to preserve its airy and immaculate personality. She emphasised these traits by removing the majority of the loft’s interior walls. This opened the loft up to its now-generous 90 sq m floorplan, which encompasses a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom at the rear and a spacious kitchen-cum-dining space at its centre. A simple concrete floor laid throughout unites the isolated living spaces, as well as providing the foundation for the muted palette chosen by Dries.

The refined structures of the kitchen and dining areas are awash in blonde woods, and bathed in light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. Birch plywood is employed across surfaces in the kitchen, hiding key appliances and messy accessories. Meanwhile, a solid oak table by Guillaume Gouerou is matched with a pair of benches in the dining space, and a bespoke library fitted in an adjacent corner seamlessly stores Dries’ CDs, DVDs, books and paraphernalia collected from her worldwide travels.

Dining room/kitchen with floor to ceiling windows, beige kitchen cabinets and a wooden table with benches

The dining room, with plenty of light supplied by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

(Image credit: Gilles Uzan)

Between the living and dining spaces, Dries installed a striking geometric structure by Gary William Webb, which acts as a central nucleus for her selection of vintage pieces. In the living room, a sofa reupholstered in Kvadrat  fabric with graphic drapes, is accompanied by a 1940s railway coffee table and drawings from Sol Lewitt’s ‘Complex Forms’ series overhead.

The bedroom is also minimally furnished with just a Liaigre ‘Nagato’ bedside table, bed and a prototype ‘Jingle Saw’ chair by Max Lamb inhabiting the space. Dries’ sensibility for art shines here, with a diptych of works by Ettore Sottsass (from the Metafore series) and a collage by Haris Epaminonda. Elsewhere pencil drawings by Nathalie Du Pasquier grace the walls, while in bathroom, Dries includes many of her own works including a brushed steel worktop, black lacquered doors and a tuned wood stool.

The kitchen at Sophie Dries' Paris loft, featuring an oak table and benches by Guillaume Gouerou

Light-toned wood occupies the kitchen and living spaces, from the birch plywood-covered storage spaces and appliances in the kitchen to the oak table and benches by Guillaume Gouerou

(Image credit: press)

Custom-designed library by Sophie Dries in a room with white walls and framed pictures on the wall

Dries designed the custom-made library which is adorned with various forms of media, as well as items collected by the architect on her worldwide travels

(Image credit: press)

Chair by Max Lamb, bedside table by Liaigre and artworks by Ettore Sottsass, Haris Epaminonda and Astrid de la Chapelle

Left, from bottom, prototype ‘Jingle Saw’ chair, by Max Lamb; collage, by Haris Epaminonda, and Large Gardens, by Astrid de la Chappelle. Right, clockwise from left, ‘Nagato’ bedside table, by Liaigre; hand-hammered steel handle, by Michael Moore, for Metalwoodworkshop; diptych from the Metafore series, by Ettore Sottsass, and linen and velvet bedspread and velvet cushions, by Merci

(Image credit: press)

Sophie Dries-designed bathroom at Canal Saint-Martin loft in Paris

The bathroom features a brushed steel worktop; black lacquered doors, and a tuned wood stool, by Sophie Dries

(Image credit: press)


For more information, visit Sophie Dries’ website