This Mexico penthouse is inspired by a New York loft

Simon Hamui’s penthouse in Monterrey, Mexico, juxtaposes panoramic views against a dark and moody aesthetic

A photo of a penthouse overlooking a city. The furnishings include a low-backed chair with beige cushions, a standing light with a moon-like light shade and large portrait bay windows.
Simon Hamui - Monterrey
(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

A New York loft is the inspiration behind interior designer Simon Hamui’s latest project, a Mexico penthouse, in Monterrey. The space, which encompasses panoramic views of the city, nods to Hamui’s distinctive custom millwork, complemented by dark woods and leathers for an atmospheric and welcoming space.

For Mexican-born Hamui, who has in the past designed interiors for cultural centres as well as government buildings and private spaces, the commission was a chance to build on his signature style of celebrating Mexico’s traditional design methodologies.

He considered the needs of the art-collecting residents, in a thoughtful design which runs bookcases along the periphery of the space, continuing through into the master bedroom in a chic showcase for artwork. A monochrome palette makes an understated foil for the couple’s collection.

Penthouse studio featuring a double-bed, dark-brown wooden flooring, bay windows and lounge furniture.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

The layout and apartment interior design prioritises privacy, creating spaces for the couple’s visiting children with the use of sliding doors. The irregular-shaped locks on the doors were specially created to ensure they sit flat with the bookcases and walls, adding to the seamless feel of seclusion.

Floor-to-ceiling windows put the view at the heart of the open-plan design, which is dominated by both standalone and integrated furniture from the Simon Hamui team. In the entryway, a table embellished with hollowed acrylic and tarnished silver leaf takes centre stage, sitting under a Studio Drift ‘Fragile Future’ light Installation. It makes for an imposing space that branches off into a studio and service quarters, and then through into the main living areas.

In the living room, a custom fireplace is juxtaposed against grey granite cladding, soft linen-like textures and a coffee table crafted from grand antique marble. It makes for a sumptuous contrast with the bar area in cristallo, quartzite, grey parchment and tarnished silver, while in the kitchen two silver pendants by Apparatus bring the white marble countertops to life.

A round glass island with a multi-bulb chandelier hanging above. Colour theme is predominantly dark grey and brown.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

A dark grey / cloudy coloured wall with a marble bench. Colour theme is predominantly dark grey and brown.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

A large graphite / marble table with black chairs. Colour theme is predominantly dark grey and brown.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

The interior of the penthouse at dusk with candles illuminating the room. Colour theme is predominantly dark brown and orange.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)

Looking through a porch towards the circular island featuring the elegant multi-bulb chandelier. Colour theme is predominantly dark grey and brown.

(Image credit: Victor Stonem)


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