We've all been to shows that are so good you don't want to leave, and now, at the LLove exhibition in Tokyo, you don't have to. Located conveniently in Shibuya-ku, if you like what you see, simply check in and stay the night.
Curated by Suzanne Oxenaar (artistic director of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam), LLove consists of 14 guest rooms, as well as a cafe and a shop, all completely refurbished by a selection of eight Dutch and Japanese designers, including Scholten & Baijings, Pieke Bergmans, Richard Hutten and Jo Nagasaka.
Concieved to celebrate 400 years of trade and cultural relations between Japan and the Netherlands, each designer was given complete freedom to do anything to their room. The results range from the surreal to the magnificent, with each designer approaching the concept of a guest room in completely different ways. Richard Hutton for example was determined to design a 7 star hotel room: '3 stars for comfort and an additional 4 stars for experience'. Pieke Bergmans explored the romance and compassion of love with her room, where 'the bed is crawling up the wall, the chair desperately stretching out to get closer to the table, the lights entagngled... everything has fallen in love.'
Equally conceptual were the Japanese designer's interpretations. Yuko Nagayama stripped his room out completely and buried the room in white pebbles 'to awaken a latent natural instinct that everybody appears to carry within but is normally not activated'. While Nakayama played with size, making a replica of the Japanese-style room, blew it up and then put it back in the old room. 'When we tried to stuff something bigger into something smaller, some wrinkes have appeared, but it is the same room. What would have had it grow bigger? Love? I'd like to thing so.'
The rooms, which opened last week, are available to book till the 23 November, and open to the public every day between midday and 3pm.