A vibrant Spanish retail space brings the spirit of summer to New York

Spanish furniture label Kettal’s New York showroom
Inside Spanish outdoor furniture brand Kettal’s New York showroom
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A fresh breath of Mediterranean air has blown into New York City, thanks to the opening of a new showroom space from the Spanish furniture label Kettal. Located within the D&D Building in midtown Manhattan, a blank white space has been punctuated with pops of signature Kettal colours and textures, bringing with it a much-needed spirit of carefree outdoor living straight to the heart of the city.

Designed by Kettal Studio, the brand’s American incarnation still makes nods to its flagship location in Barcelona, which was designed by Studio Urquiola. As in Barcelona, colourful, latticed panels help to carve out different areas to showcase the brand’s comprehensive offering. Its latest additions, which include a reimagining of Rodolfo Dordoni’s ‘Bitta’ lounge, the ‘Fila’ lamps by Michel Charlot and Konstantin Grcic’s ‘Meteo’ parasol, will also be available for perusal. All of the furniture and seating on display has been oriented in a rectangular pattern in the 600 square foot space, bringing an added playfulness further to the fore.

Best of all is the space’s outdoor terrace, which overlooks private gardens in the neighbourhood and showcases two of Kettal’s outdoor pavilions. Visitors will be able to enjoy a moment of calm inside Kettal’s Patricia Urquiola-designed cottage, or its Double Pavilion L, which features a bio-climactic ceiling that stands up to a range of different weather conditions, like in New York. Indoors, the brand’s Pavilion XL conveys the versatility and architectural beauty of its simple, minimalist design.

With its focus on site-specificity and the ability to configure its products to perfectly suit one’s needs, Kettal’s vibrant world comes just in time for us to appreciate the warmer weather.

Outdoor space in Kettal’s New York showroom

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Shadows from pavilions in the outdoor space at Kettal’s showroom

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Designs inside Kettal’s New York showroom

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Architectural details inside Kettal’s New York showroom

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For more information, visit the Kettal website


D&D Building
Suite 222-333
222 East 59th Street
New York
NY 10022


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