New Swiss gallery Máti champions creative experimentation

New Swiss gallery Máti champions creative experimentation

Debuting online, Geneva-based Máti Gallery will become a nomadic space for designers to experiment and blur the boundaries between creative disciplines and craftsmanship

Newly-launched gallery Máti made its debut as a new nomadic space for creative collaborations, with the aim of presenting design exhibitions in different spaces throughout Switzerland. Starting with an online showcase from its Geneva base, the gallery’s inaugural show unveils the work of five young designers from France and Switzerland, working across disciplines and aesthetics.

‘The galerie breaks down the boundaries between art and design. Everyday objects become works of art, the artists become artisans, and practices intersect,’ reads a statement from the two founders, art directors Myriam Combier and Anne-Laure Fuchs (a former Wallpaper* designer). ‘MÁTI strives to be contemporary by conceiving new, meaningful collaborations that reveal the distinctive approaches of its artists and designers.’

Dimitri Bahler Material Image
’Material Image’ by Dimitri Bähler, graphic paintings that explore the potential of 3d textures, coloured glass and transparent layers

Designers included in the inaugural collection are Dimitri Bähler, Jean Besson, Marie Cornil, Giulio Parini and Réjean Peytavin, five creatives working at the cusp of art and design and whose practices are based on creative experimentation. Bähler’s graphic paintings, Besson’s balanced mobile sculptures, Cornil’s embroidery, Parini’s cymbal-shaped lamp and Peytavin’s ornamental porcelain pieces take the designers’ expertise out of their comfort zones and into new, exciting territories.

The works presented are mundane objects rethought with different creative practices and an artisanal slant. ‘We have always shared a common dream of bringing together our passions and experiences for design, art and graphics. MÁTI was born out of our interest for objects and a taste for beauty,’ continue the two founders. The pair’s passion certainly manifests itself in this project, and in a new creative studio, which they will run alongside the gallery’s programming offering art direction and across the fields of art, culture, fashion and beauty. §

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