Knock on ’WOOD’: Bisazza launches new wooden mosaic collection by Studio Job

wooden patterned flooring and furniture in dining area
Bisazza presents the global preview of Studio Job’s new ’WOOD’ collection additions for London Design Festival 2016
(Image credit: Bisazza)

Glass mosaic brand Bisazza has launched its new 'WOOD' collection additions by Studio Job, just in time for London Design Festival. The decade-long partnership between the design powerhouses has involved five collaborations thus far, including the recent 'Perished' and 'Industry' mosaic patterns.

Described by Studio Job’s Nynke Tynagel as ‘a contemporary approach to wooden flooring’, 'WOOD' is an eccentric take on the classic parquet, featuring vibrant colours, 3D patterns and geometric shapes. Bisazza states that the new collection showcases ‘the versatility of the brand and the ingenious creativity of Studio Job’. The collection adds to Studio Job’s many notable achievements, as they join the likes of Tom Dixon and Emilio Pucci in Bisazza’s list of eminent design collaborators.

Bisazza's first 'WOOD' collection of parquet in oak was launched earlier this year as part of the brand's 2016 offering.

In addition to the already available shades – 'Cuoio', 'Moka', 'Marron Glacè', 'Naturale' and 'Notte' – Studio Job's new offering comprises five delicious variations – 'Sugar', 'Pearl', 'Cherry', 'Denim' and 'Mint' – with further designs in the pipeline for 2017.

bedroom and work space with washbasins

Studio Job’s Nynke Tynagel describes the collection as ‘a contemporary approach to wooden flooring’

(Image credit: Bisazza)

different skeleton patterns

Studio Job’s new offering comprises five delicious variations – ’Sugar’, ’Pearl’, ’Cherry’, ’Denim’ and ’Mint’

(Image credit: Bisazza)


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