Giorgio Armani’s Tarot Cards offer traditional cartomancy with a modern twist

The Tale Tarot Cards by Armani Casa mix traditional tarots and Italian playing cards with Armani fashion, furniture, fabrics and accessories

Tarot Cards by Armani Casa
Tale Tarot Cards Deck by Armani Casa
(Image credit: Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*)

When Giorgio Armani opened the doors of his 17th-century Palazzo Orsini HQ for the first time ever, during Milan Design Week 2023, visitors jumped at the chance to view the designer’s latest home collection in situ. But among new launches including a debut outdoor collection presented in a beautiful garden, and new pieces of furniture arranged in a series of stunning frescoed rooms, we were easily charmed by some of the smaller accessories on offer. 

Tarot Cards with a twist from Armani Casa

Armani Casa Tarot cards

(Image credit: Courtesy Armani Casa)

Among the Murano glass vases and hand-crafted bento boxes, we found this whimsical deck of 78 playing cards, which can be used either as a Tarot set or as a standard deck. 

The most important cards – the Major arcana such as the Juggler, Moon or Hangman, or the various Kings and Queens – are adorned with photos of models wearing Armani clothes, and are surrounded by Armani Casa furniture, fabrics, wallpapers and accessories.

Tarot Cards by Armani Casa

(Image credit: Courtesy Armani Casa)

The Tower card (widely associated with danger and sudden change, but also higher learning and liberation) is decorated with the silhouette of a leaf-shaped ‘Erika’ centrepiece, and features a perilously perched couple dressed in shimmering, tailored looks both from Armani’s S/S 2023 collections. 

As for the standard suites, they follow the traditional Italian style and show swords, batons, cups and coins rather than clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds.

Tarot Cards by Armani Casa

(Image credit: Courtesy Armani Casa)

The ‘Tale’ tarot deck also features a profile decorated with a pattern repeating the golden Giorgio Armani logo, and is enclosed in an elegant box with a moiré design – a finishing often used in Giorgio Armani fashion creations and Armani Casa collections. All in all, a truly auspicious find.

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