Roman and Williams marks 20th anniversary with trio of new furniture collections

Roman and Williams adds to its RW Guild collections with new furniture, objects and lighting designs

Roman and Williams furniture collection
‘Dado’ table and ‘Ovo’ chair in old growth white oak soaped
(Image credit: Gentl&Hyers)

In the two decades that the American design firm Roman and Williams has been in existence, its founders Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch have shaped the world with their charismatic and textural take on design and interiors. In addition to a glittering portfolio of residential and hospitality projects, the creative duo revived New York City’s retail landscape by opening one of its most popular design destinations, RW Guild, in 2017 and then followed that up with its accompanying gallery arm, Guild Gallery, which opened in 2021.

Roman and Williams: new furniture and lighting

Roman and Williams furniture and lighting in hallway

‘Ovo’ chair in oxidised oak and ‘Seed’ lamp

(Image credit: Gentl & Hyers)

Coinciding with the firm’s 20th anniversary this month, Standefer and Alesch have revealed three new product collections – their first additions since the founding furniture collection for RW Guild. Created following a rigorous process of ideation, drawing and prototyping, and along the principles of slow design that the pair have long championed, the resulting collections each exemplify the quality that comes with bringing together sustainably sourced natural materials with heritage and time-honoured hand craftsmanship. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, bearing the mark and hand of its maker, and truly a modern heirloom for the ages.

Spanning furniture, objects and lighting, Standefer and Alesch bring an intricate sense of detail and artistry to these functional collections. The ‘Ovo’ collection, comprised of a table and chair, nods to nature by way of a specific leaf form; an ovate leaf, which is broad at the bottom and narrower on the top with a sturdy mid-vein, is a characteristic of the beech and elm trees that grow on the duo’s Montauk property. This form is mirrored in the ‘Ovo’ chair’s exposed central spine and sloping structure, which hugs the body, while in the ‘Ovo’ table’s rounded sides and angled legs echo the leaf blade’s contours and smooth margins.

Dado desk by Roman and Williams

‘Dado’ desk in old growth white oak soaped 

(Image credit: Gentl & Hyers)

‘The “Ovo” collection continues the narrative we set out to explore in our founding collection: to develop and build a family of furniture with a variety of shapes that can live together,’ the pair say. ‘These new pieces are representative of a different design language that still harmonises and unifies with the broader collection.’

The exploration into a new vernacular continues with the ‘Dado’ collection, a family of furniture that celebrates the strength and resilience of wood joinery by using a joint and groove construction. Like ‘Ovo’, the ‘Dado’ series draws attention to methods of construction and connection, with pieces boasting an exposed spine that is connected at four points by RW original hardware fasteners. Introduced as a desk now, with a dining table, side table and bench to soon follow, the design is honest and simple.

Roman and Williams wooden furniture in dining room

‘Ovo’ table and chairs in old growth white oak soaped 

(Image credit: Gentl & Hyers)

The ‘Seed and Branch’ series, featuring cast bronze made from the lost wax process, closes out the new introductions. Resembling an elongated seed pod, the ‘Seed’ pendant lighting fixture features a cast bronze link chain and hand-blown glass shade. There is a captivating individuality behind each component; each link as well as the light’s canopy and its fitter showcase an irregularity from being individually cast, while the glass itself boasts a nude gradient that extends from the fitter. 

This elevated hand-craftsmanship is reiterated with the ‘Montauk Branch’ candelabra, which is being issued in a signed series of 20. Sculpted by hand from a single piece of bronze, its botanical-inspired form resembles branches reaching upwards, while elegantly holding candles at varying heights.

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