Rimowa violin case with Gewa strikes the right note

This new Rimowa violin case created in collaboration with Gewa is made of hard-wearing grooved aluminium

Silver Rimowa violin case, open with violin inside
(Image credit: Rimowa x Gewa)

The best of German design is celebrated in a new collaboration between Rimowa and Gewa, who draw on a shared commitment to functional luxury with a special-edition violin case.

As an expert in mechanical-acoustical musical instruments, Gewa has a century-long history of creating cases for bowed string instruments, building on that here with the new Rimowa violin case. Crafted in Rimowa’s distinctive grooved aluminium, the hardy exterior stays faithful to the brand’s Classic line in its slick, lightweight design.

Rimowa violin case with Gewa

Aluminium Rimowa violin case, closed

(Image credit: Rimowa x Gewa)

The case, made in Germany, has a hand-finished microfibre interior, which encompasses Gewa’s useful neck pad system. It’s adjustable to fit the length of an individual violin – 4/4 or 3/4 violins would fit most comfortably into the space.

Function is considered first and foremost, with a hygrometer (measuring humidity) and humidifier, an interior storage compartment for accessories, and a protective blanket for the instrument all ensuring the safety of the violin once packed away.

Black handle of aluminium Rimowa violin case

(Image credit: Rimowa x Gewa)

For Rimowa, the violin case is the latest in a line of products that blend elegant aestheticism with durable practicality, seen from the beginning in the first tools created by the brand in 1898. The aviation-inspired aluminium introduced in 1937 set the tone for designs that are both offbeat and hard-wearing, changing the face of suitcases and carry-ons. The brand has built on this functionality with special-purpose designs such as its One Bottle Case (for a bottle of champagne) and Watch Case (for three timepieces). 

In the Rimowa violin case with Gewa, thoughtful details consider the needs of the user, with a shoulder strap and two TSA-approved locks making this piece a fuss-free travel companion. 

From 23 March 2023, the Rimowa x Gewa Violin Case Silver (RRP €2,900 / £2,670) will be available at Rimowa stores worldwide and online at rimowa.com

Man playing violin, with Rimowa violin case open in front

(Image credit: Rimowa x Gewa)

Humidity measure on Rimowa x Gewa violin case

(Image credit: Rimowa x Gewa)

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